The Annuity Toolbox

The Annuity Toolbox

The Annuity Toolbox is a specialist website set up to deal with Enhanced Annuities and Drawdown Pensions. If you have investments and are looking at retirement then get in touch today to see how to make it work for you.

Annuities are still a serious business today because they are the only financial product that can provide a safe and secure lifetime income for retired investors. The Annuity Toolbox has been setup to offer advice and guidance for those seeking an Enhanced Annuity or Drawdown Pension.

One area they are delivering excellent results for are smokers. If you are a smoker who has smoked 10 or more cigarettes per day, for at least 10 years, then you could be eligible for an enhanced annuity agreement with your insurance provider. Having a broker find you the best deal means they are working on your interest to find you the best deal, rather than the deal they get the best commission on.
If you are a smoker and are looking at a smokers annuity then head over to their site and fill out a few of your details and someone can give you all the necessary information on what you could receive, and walk you through the steps.

Getting a recommendation from a practising financial services firm means you are the main concern, unlike many of the marketing websites you find available nowadays!
The Annuity Toolbox are also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so you can be rest assured with any advice or guidance you are given.

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