What is an Electricians’s Site Diary?

What is an Electricians’s Site Diary?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

A site diary is a document utilised in the construction, building and installation industry to record pertinent information about work projects on site. Site diaries are sometimes known as Site Journals, Company Logs, and Construction (or Electrical, or relevant area of work) Logs. An electrician’s site diary is a site diary written by a competent electrician, usually a supervisor, which primarily contains all relevant information about the electrical work which has been completed.

Site diaries can be written in several different formats: physical, digital, or using specialised portfolio software such as OneFile e-Portfolio. Physical site diaries are the most commonly used, although digital site diaries are becoming more popular because they conserve both paper, ink, and space.

What kind of content is included in an electrician’s site diary?

Electrician’s site diaries are primarily concerned with describing all of the electrical work that has been undertaken on site. This includes describing what electrical work was done, how it was done, and what methods were used during the work. It is also crucial that any accidents, incidents, or events of note be recorded in the site diary daily. Site diaries should also include the names and relevant information of all electricians working on site.

As a rule of thumb, a site diary should contain the following information:

  • The names and contact information of all people participating in the electrical work on site, including but not limited to electricians, assistants, security workers, consultants, etc.
  • The details of the electrical work that will be undertaken. Details should include all relevant information, including but not limited to, location and contact information of building(s) on site, the type of electrical work (installation, repair, etc) to be done, and a list of all documents that will be used during the work, such as layout plans and guides.
  • An injury and first aid register, which will list daily any injuries which occur on site and what methods (if any) of first aid were necessary.
  • A list of all equipment used or brought on site.
  • Any important pictures taken before, during, and after any electrical work has been completed.
  • It is also highly recommended that a daily site journal, recording exactly what was done when, also be written by electricians within their site diary.

Why should I write a site diary?

While a site diary may be seen as additional work on top of an already heavy workload, they are an essential piece of any building, construction or electricians job for several reasons. Site diaries are an excellent opportunity for education. Studying site diaries allows for workers to examine the methods (or mistakes!) of fellow electricians, which will assist in improving their own electrical work. Writing a site diary will also expand the education of an electrician by allowing them to examine their own work for means of improvement, as well as refresher and reminders of essential electrical work methods.

Site diaries are also a means for electricians to meet Level 3 of the National Vocational Qualifications for electricians. The National Vocational Qualifications are work based awards used in England, Wales and Northern Ireland which are used to define the competence of a worker. Level 3 of these qualifications deems that a worker (and in this case, an electrician) has the competence which involves the application of knowledge in a broad range of work activities in a broad range of contexts, which are mostly complex and not routine. Level 3 also deems a worker capable of handling considerable amounts of responsibility, autonomy, and control and guidance over others.

Thus, by completing site diaries on a consistent basis, an electrician ensures that their education will be considerably richer and that they will be trusted with more complicated (and higher paying) electrical jobs.

How do electricians go about writing and completing site diaries?

In order to write and complete a site diary, an electrician will need to be working with a relative level of autonomy that requires them to write their own site diary. This can be achieved through part time electrical work, small time electrical work, or other electrical jobs which match their current level of competence. The more practice an electrician has with writing a site diary, the more efficient their site diaries will become.

There is no official guide or template when it comes to writing a site diary. However, there are examples and blank templates which can be found online or through your local college’s electrician department. Alternatively you can often obtain a site diary from a local electrician or electrical contractors. Although there is no official template for site diaries, a site diary should always have a simple, clear layout and space for all the important information about the site job, whether its construction, solar panel installation, building or just general electrical work.

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